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About us

Hengdian Group was founded in 1975 and through four decades of continuous development, it has become one of the largest private enterprises in China. The Group has four business segments: Electronics, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Film & Entertainment and New Modern Services. Hengdian Group now owns over sixty subsidiaries and two hundred manufacturing sites.

Zhejiang Hengdian Imp.&Exp. Co., LTD is a member of the Hengdian Group and is primarily in charge of the export business of agrochemicals(Avilive), the team has become professional in many areas, providing our customers support with respect to business development, sales, technical aspects of the business and logistics. Our goal is to utilize our professional team to provide efficient communication between our customers and factories.

Now We have three agrochemical factories:

Lianyungang Avilive Chemical Co., LTD      Location: Jiangsu Province

Zhejiang Avilive Chemical Co., LTD            Location: Zhejiang Province

Shandong Avilive Chemical Co., LTD          Location: Shandong Province

We are investing in more factories and new products...



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